Monday, March 18, 2013

Random Act of Kindness in Singapore

"You can be Christ to anyone by showing a certain act of kindness."
Thank you SFC Singapore for this humbling experience. :)

Couples for Christ
SFC Singapore
West Leader's Weekend
17 March 2013

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Modeling for Little Miss Makeup Artist

I was tap by a friend to model her make up talent. 
Thanks Madi! You know how much I enjoy doing these stuff hehe ;)

Make Up Artist: Ann Madelyn Dionio
Photographer: Jodjo AraƱa

Check out some of Madi's make up works here.

HL Work: Week Two

A week of good stress i can say. Well hello overtime. It's my 2nd week at my new work and i feel exhausted already. I spent my whole saturday at the office squeezing the remaining creative juices in my head to come up with a concept and a 3D drawing for 6 remaining rooms. Total room was 13. Yep, it was all on me. I was stressed, but the feeling is so different to the stress that i felt to my previous job. This time it felt good. I was inspired to research for ideas, to get of my ass and work. Maybe because i was determined to learn and motivated too. You will think im a masochist, well i think I am.;)

HL Work: Week One

New faces, new colleagues, new routines, new goals, new adjustment. This week has given me a new opportunity to replan my life, to learn something different, to take a little step closer to my goals. Going home as early as 6pm is something new. Waking up at 7-730 in a morning is quite an adjustment. And traveling for an hour is definitely a change. But i told myself, you want this and what you have to do is accept the change, adjust then go with the flow. I did for a week and i survived.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Now Watching: Fireproof

I may not be married now but I was so touched by this movie. A real tear-jerker. 
Recommended to married couples who's going through tough times. It's never too late to change. :)
"You never leave your partner. Especially in a fire. "